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A unique system of customizable telescopes

Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd. is the sole global distributor of TOMYTEC 'BORG' brand products

We are pleased to inform you that Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd. has concluded a sole global agency agreement with TOMYTEC Co., Ltd. for the 'BORG' brand and will start selling BORG brand products from February 1, 2022.

We believe that by providing BORG products to photo and astro fans across the globe, we can bring new value into the market, and greater excitement in the lives of our users.
BORG History
2022 marks 31 years since the first BORG model, BORG 65, was released onto the commercial market. Initially BORG products were made of plastic, reflecting TOMYTEC’s roots as a toy company, but they were gradually redesigned with metallic bodies. Improving on their design, TOMYTEC upgraded BORG with stronger and lighter carbon fiber materials in 2016.

From their conception, BORG lenses have utilized high-quality, full-scale glass lenses. In 2010, the BORG 71FL was the first model to adopt Japanese made apochromat fluorite glass elements by Canon Optron, Inc. As of 2022, most BORG models on the market are built with these elements.

The name BORG (bōgu) is a combination of the Japanese words 望遠鏡 bōenkyō (telescope) and 道具 dōgu (tool). I.e., BORG is your telescopic tool.

A new solution for those who are not satisfied with conventional telescopes

The greatest feature of the BORG series is its system. Many parts are divisible and can be shared among different models. Through the wide variety of BORG components, you can enjoy not only observing the stars or taking photos, but also customizing your own BORG according to your individual needs and desires.

Your telescope becomes a super high quality tele photo lens!

BORG's astronomical telescopes come with a prism that allows users to observe celestial objects immediately upon purchase. Adding to its versatility, if you replace the prism with a camera mount adapter, your telescope will become a high-quality tele photo lens, that you can enjoy bird photography with! Have confidence in the Japanese made quality the BORG lenses, barrels and helicoids provide when customizing your BORG.

Carbon fiber barrels are lightweight, durable and Made in Japan

The 'C' in the CR Telescope Sets and CH Tele Lens Sets represents the carbon fiber barrel they incorporate. Carbon fiber made barrels are lightweight, robust, and beautiful to look at, but they are expensive to produce and have not been widely used in telescopes until BORG. TOMYTEC's design and innovation has enabled the mass production of these high-grade carbon fiber optical barrels, creating an unprecedented telescope that is as light as possible. It is now a standard feature on high-end BORG products.

Mobility and compactness

Conventional telescopes and super tele lenses are long, bulky and heavy, and required the use of vehicles to carry them to location. BORG's unique system of interchangeable objective lenses and extendable carbon fiber barrels allows mobility and compactness - a great advantage for users to personally carry their BORG in hand when outdoors or transiting on buses, planes and other public transport.

Highlight Features

Separable Parts System

BORG products can be disassembled into individual, easy to carry components, and reassembled according to your needs, something conventional astronomic telescopes cannot accomplish.

Enjoy BORG Night and Day

BORG can be converted from a high-quality astronomical telescope to a photographic tele lens by swapping in the relevant camera mount adapter. Enjoy BORG at night star gazing, and during the day bird shooting!

Interchangeable Objective Lens

Conventional telescopes have fixed focal lengths; however, BORG incorporates interchangeable objective lenses into their designs. This means that you don't need to purchase a whole new telescope in order to reach distant objects, but can use a consistent set up with different BORG lenses.

Compatible with DSLR and mirrorless cameras

BORG telescopes can be easily converted to tele lenses by swapping in a BORG camera mount adapter. BORG has a wide range of camera mount adapters which are exclusively designed to fit telescope optics, and are compatible with most commercially available DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

Lightweight and Compact

Lightweight products are achieved through the carbon fiber made barrels, and maximum compactness is possible thanks to the detachable and extendable components. When disassembled, telescopes can be carried in a camera bag.

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