Featuring the revolutionary Floating Frame Technology, Kenko's new ZXII is the flattest filter ever.

Originating from the meaning "Zero Cross", ZERO refers to the goal of reducing the burden on the glass to ZERO, while X represents the aspiration to capture the true descriptive power of the lens as if no filter was attached.

Thanks to the Floating Frame Technology, ZXII is so flat that the distortion is nearly completely eliminated.


We placed filters on Newton Standard glass, which is a flat surface with an allowable error margin of ±0.1μ. The flatness is evaluated by the number and form of Newton rings.
Usually, filter glass is clipped inside the frame in a way that it is being held by a repressing ring that exerts permanent pressure onto the glass through direct contact. This causes the glass surface to be distorted, through which the image quality ultimately takes a hit.

By adopting the newly developed "Floating Frame Technology", which provides a special elastic buffer layer between the glass and frame, we succeeded in firmly fixing the glass without the need of a repressing ring and without touching directly the frame, reducing the pressure to an absolute minimum. The glass element remains totally flat and is not distorted or twisted inside the frame at all. The image quality remains so good that the filter is also highly recommended for 4K and 8K.

Owning the patent #10.209.478, Kenko Tokina is worldwide the only filter manufacturer to utilize this revolutionary technology.
Many irregularly shaped rings are
indicating a distorted and twisted glass
Almost no rings are indicating the
extreme flatness of the ZXII
Kenko ZXII filter
Regular filter
A filter for the absolute best experience
The Kenko ZXII series is setting a new benchmark for filters on the market through providing the highest quality for all of its features to the user. The ZXII gives the lens an exceptional true protection while keeping the highest photo quality.
… reducing the risk of flares and ghosting that can occur when a filter is attached to a lens to an unprecedented minimum.
No annoying wiping
The top quality water & oil repellent coating makes cleaning the filter as easy and stress free as never before.
Water & oil repellent
Razor-sharp UV cut
The Kenko ZXII UV L41 sharply cuts UV rays for an extremely clear and haze-free rendering while having no impact on the colors in the visible spectrum.
High density UV glass
Eliminating reflections
The Kenko ZXII series incorporates the ZR01 ultra-low reflection coating that reduces the surface reflection of the glass to 0.1%, ...
ZR01 Coating
No vignetting, best grip
The super low profile knurling frame exceedingly reduces the chance of vignetting while still providing a perfect grip when attaching and detaching the filter. Of course, it comes with a front thread for attaching a lens cap.
Kenko's ultra-thin frame
No room for reflections
Our black rimmed glass reduces any inner reflections immensely, eliminating another risk of sacrificing image quality.
Black rimmed glass
So smooth
Filter mount lubrication treatment allows you to detach the filter quick and effortlessly.
Mount lubrication
Manufacturer's Voice
Voice of the Quality Manager
It's been now 5 years since the start of the production of the ZX series and me
supervising it. The ZX series was the first filter to be assembled using a special elastic buffer, which required various techniques to keep the distortion of the glass to a minimum, giving us a hard time since the very beginning. We have now mastered the art of assembly and are able to produce the ZXII filter, our new product in the ZX series, with consistent high quality. I am very proud to be involved in the production of the ZXII, a filter that aims to deliver top-class quality.
reflection. In terms of quality control, we constantly strive to maintain the high quality of our filters to ensure that they live up to their reputation as the best through carrying out thorough quality checks at every stage of the process, with any abnormalities being fed back to the production department for quality improvement. As our employees are working together with a high level of awareness during every stage of the production process, we are able to recommend this filter with our full confidence.
The ZXII filter is our very best filter, with the highest flatness of glass and ultra low
Kenko ZXII UV L41